How to protect yourself of mobing (abuse at work)

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There is almost no person who does not know someone who has suffered abuse at work, or someone who has been “mobbed”.

First of all, it should be noted that the right to protection against mobbing is enjoyed by all persons employed: persons who are employed under a contract of employment, persons engaged under a contract of employment, persons performing temporary and occasional jobs, volunteers, persons employed in public administration, persons in additional work, persons who are undergoing professional training or training with the employer without having an employment relationship, etc., either independently or through representation, to be carried out by a mobbing lawyer.

The law defines mobbing as “any active or passive behavior towards an employee or group of employees by a recurring employer, which aims or violates the dignity, reputation, personal and professional integrity, health, position of the employee and causes fear or creates hostility, degrading or abusive environment, deteriorating working conditions or causing the employee to isolate himself or to indicate that he or she terminates her employment or terminates her employment contract or other contract. ”

Thus, the concept of mobbing is very broad, and in this text we will try to point out the types of mobbing and ways of protecting it.



It concerns mobbing among employees who have an equal position on the hierarchical scale with the employer. 
It is about mobbing by a superior to a subordinate employee or vice versa. (e.g., a director abuses an employee or an employee abuses a director). A subgroup of this type of mobbing that often occurs in practice is the so-called strategic mobbing that exists when the superior abuses one employee at a time until they destroy the entire group of employees.



The right to seek protection from workplace abuse becomes obsolete within six months of the day the abuse was committed (if you have been abused frequently for an extended period, the statute of limitations begins to run from the day the last abuse was committed).

If you suffer abuse at work by another employee, before filing a lawsuit with the High Court, you file a claim with your employer to initiate an action for protection against abuse at work.

However, if you suffer abuse at work by a responsible person (such as a director) you can file a lawsuit with the High Court without first initiating mediation proceedings.

If abuse causes your health a threat or irreparable harm, you have the right to be transferred to another work environment or remunerated for work until compensation for workplace abuse protection is completed.

You can claim, among other things, damages for mental pain, as well as the publication of a judgment in one of the official gazettes.

For proper and timely protection in mobbing cases, it is advisable that you be assisted by a mobbing lawyer at

Katarina S. Bozovic, attorney at law