Company registration in Serbia

The procedure of company registration in Serbia is carried out in The Serbian Business Registers Agency, which has its head office in Belgrade and its organizational units in urban municipality [...]

Temporary recidence permit Serbia

Temporary residence of foreigners in Serbia is a special residence permit on the territory of the Republic of Serbia issued to a foreign citizens. Temporary residence may be granted to a [...]

Criminal offense

Hard, ugly, insulting, degrading words have hardly bypassed any of us in our lives. It is not uncommon for people to threaten each other with insult during moments of gallantry, altercation, [...]

Entrepreneurship or limited liability company?

If you have made the decision to start your own business, the question in which legal form you will register your business is crucial, because it affects many aspects of the business – [...]


According to the current Law on Inheritance, a will can be made by any person who is over fifteen years of age and capable of judgment. Testament is the most effective way of disposing of your [...]

Debt payment – executive procedure

How many times have it happened that you lent someone money, sold goods, or performed a service without being able to collect it? In this text, we will try to explain to you what are the most [...]

Damage compensation

In everyday life, we often suffer damage without even being aware of it. In practice, clients do not distinguish between material and non-pecuniary damage, do not know to whom they should turn [...]

How to protect yourself of mobing (abuse at work)

There is almost no person who does not know someone who has suffered abuse at work, or someone who has been “mobbed”. First of all, it should be noted that the right to protection [...]


Statistics from the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia indicate that almost every fourth marriage in the Republic of Serbia is divorced. Different views of the spouse on a common [...]